Bharatrath & Anubhuti Work Along for a Change…

Following your dreams is not for the faint heart.

Samanvay is a result of multiple corner meetings with youth from villages. Anubhuti foundation saw a seed of a big dream in youth’s heart for securing their land and giving financial independency right in their village.

Founders of Samanvay had to wear many hats because organizing the loyal group, act as salesman, fund-raiser, logistic, and many more requirement were needed to fulfil. Visit to Samanvay unit is a treat to an adventurous mind. Always some unforeseen problem is waiting and as a team there is an innovative quick fix for such challenges. Let it be the mastered recipes or trying out for a new product, learning is an endless journey.

Pickles, Jams, Tomato ketchup, Awala candy are few example of mouth-watering Samanvay products ready to satisfy the taste buds of customers. Bharatrath has helped Samnvay in getting followers, converting them to sales and retaining the customers.

As Bharatrath & Anubhuti is trying to preserve these traditional dishes, traditional values and empower theses micro entrepreneurs you can do your bit by shopping their products. As their end goal is to provide customers with best products so why not? Let’s shop. You are just a click away! We are ready to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneurs.