The colour of milk looks different today. What is the reason?

Just like us humans, cows also change their diet based on seasons. This has a direct effect on the colour and consistency of milk. We therefore do not promise you similar looking milk all 12 months.

“We consume whatever the cow decides to eat”.

Can the milk be used to make Dahi/Ghee/Paneer?

Yes, the milk can be used to make any of the by-products. Make some homemade Rasgullas using the milk. You will love them!

How should milk be stored?

You can either boil the milk or store it in your refrigerator, between 0 and 4 degrees. Kindly adjust your refrigerator temperature as per the weather as and when needed.

Why is the cow milk yellowish in colour?

Cow milk fat contains a colouring pigment called Beta-carotene (a carotenoid which is precursor of vitamin-A)

Quality of ‘Milk n More’ milk?

Non-toned, non-homogenized, unadulterated whole milk.

Fresh from the time it’s produced.

Naturally Sweet & mild in taste.

Light creamy & medium thick.

No Visible particles.

No Adverse smell and even the curd that can be made would be pleasing sour.

Is ‘Milk n More’ milk pasteurised?

No, we don't have to pasteurize our milk as we deliver our milk within 2-3 hours of milking to the consumer's doorstep.

Our milk is whole, raw, farm fresh and organic.

The milk we deliver has not processed in any manner and there are no additives or preservatives (soda, sugar), hormones like oxytocin and chemicals like formalin which are used to preserve milk available in the market.

It is recommended that boil the milk within 30 minutes.