Bharatrath & Krushi Sampada! Empowering Farmer Groups.

Krushi Sampada is an organisation working towards spreading awareness amongst the farmer groups on natural and organic farming as well as helping them sell their organic and natural produce. Bharatarth is proud to work with organisations like krushi sampada. Let’s deep dive in to know more about the organisation.

Krushi sampada was started with a motto to find out chemical free products as availability of natural food in cities are scarce and even if it’s available are they really affordable for the general audience? While searching for products it was observed not much people were into cow based farming i.e. using cow dung as a manure. A need for awareness was observed by the organisation as the big players in the market lured the farmers by giving them freebies such as pesticides, seeds etc. A major work needed to be done which Krushi Sampada was ready to do.

The organisation started to spread awareness through live seminars in villages sharing the success stories of those shifted to organic and as well introducing them for a one to one interaction. Farmers were guided not only on its health benefits but as well on its economic profitability. For instance a per acre of chemically produce grains require 30K as an initial investment on seeds and chemical and the output from the same comes at around 80k giving a net profit of 50k. Whereas if done through natural way the initial investment and output drops to 12k and 72k but  gives a profit of 60k i.e. 10k higher than chemically grown products.

Krushi sampada has been trying its best to educate farmers but it’s not that easy at times even after getting convinced these farmers tend to go back to chemical produce as the big chemical producers lures these farmers through free seeds and chemical making initial cost as zero. In order to gain trust and promote natural farming krushi sampada also helps these farmers with market linkages. For any consultation or market linkages krushi sampada don’t charge these farmers.

Krushi sampada has been doing its part but are we doing our part? Are we ready to consume these healthy produce rather than those chemical ones? We believe it’s a two way thing you must have heard this phrase a lot “Ek haat say tali nahi bajti” “You can’t clap with one hand” So let us be the other hand, let us all switch towards a healthy and natural leaving. Let’s stay healthy as well empower these local producers. We are just a click away, ready to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneurs.

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