Craving for Sweets? Try Cavior!

Cavior is an initiative taken by Sailee Gaikwad and Shubham Desai during their college years in 2019, with an aim to represent Indian Heritage through Cavior. Ethical sourcing of ingredients, Minimal processing and Earth-friendly packaging, is what Cavior family believes in. We hand select the raw ingredients that becomes Cavior Chocolate. Yes, it’s insane! But our ultimate aim is to provide premium quality and bring out incredible chocolate notes to our product. We source such ingredients that boost you; in order to add value to our product and ultimately your life. We consider sustainable packaging as future of mankind. So, we have cut down three-fourth of the plastic waste by using sustainable packaging. This ensures we as a community, reuse and recycle to protect Earth-Our future. We trust that one small but right step can lead to greater results.

The brand faced major setback during 2020 pandemic but could not shatter their strength. Amidst, the pandemic, Cavior still continues to grow, also contributing towards society by empowering women.

We are Truly Indian & Truly Delicious!

Message from Founders

We believe when you prioritize your physical and mental health, you gain the ability to love, explore, aim and achieve. So, we crafted Cavior to strengthen your growth. Cavior signifies giving yourself time and space to explore infinite. Thank you for allowing us to be the part of your journey. Be the best of you.

As we at Bharatrath stand for delivering quality products to the customer as well as to empower micro entrepreneurs, we invite you to try our brand Cavior. Bless your taste buds and empower these micro entrepreneurs.

Written by Cavior & Bharatrath