This year let Bappa Plant a Tree!

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. A festival full of joy, togetherness and spiritualism. As the rebirth of Ganesha is widely celebrated let’s take Ganeshas help this Ganesh Chaturthi to help us save our environment.

Every year thousands of Ganapati’s are immersed by devotees. Out of which majority are made out of plaster of paris (POP) which doesn’t dissolve at the time of immersion leading the ideals off shore the next day and as well as it harms our environment and our aquatic animals. A better alternative will be an eco-friendly Ganapati. Why Eco friendly Ganapati? Let’s find out.

Eco friendly Ganapati at the time of immersion dissolves quickly, quick dilution helps get rid of our major problem i.e. Idols lying offshore. Another thing will be the idol being eco-friendly it won’t harm our environment and our aquatic animals as the idols are made out of natural sand. Sand can also be used for Planting if the idol is made out of red soil (lal matti).

At Bharatrath we only have eco-friendly Ganapati’s. There are two types of Ganapati available at Bharatrath 1) Shadu Mati Ganapati and 2) Red Soil Ganapati. What’s the difference? If you buy red soil Ganapati you can use that soil to plant a tree but shadu mati Ganapati soil can’t be used for planting. For both the idols the dilution time is 1 hour, shadu mati Ganapati will leave colour red soil Ganapati won’t as minimal colours are used.

Let’s go eco-friendly this time while choosing our idols. Let’s save our environment by doing our bit. We at Bharatrath are just a click away, ready to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneurs.

Bharatrath! Bharat Ki Dukan.