FlouryTales, A Way Towards Healthy Life!

At Floury Tales their mission is to spread awareness for different variety of grains, millets and to serve quality fresh flours at doorsteps. At FlouryTales, they grind in their own clean setup. The flours are curated per order as per your grinding need. Freshness with Quality and Hygiene is their topmost priority. FlouryTales was started in July 2020. FlouryTales sets you free from the troublesome journey of buying, cleaning and grinding grains in unhygienic conditions. 100% clean and pure flours.

The woman behind the brand is Preeti Deshmukh, Founder of FlouryTales, a Computer Engineer, serial entrepreneur and IIMB alumna with 15 years of rich IT experience and now a full time Entrepreneur since last few years.

Preeti before starting FlouryTales was assisting her husband in his restaurant MahaKhavaiyye since 2018. But things didn’t seem to work for her as being from an engineering background she loved product engineering and taking products to next level but the same couldn’t be applied to restaurants business even if it can be there is a limit to it. But her love and passion lead her towards FlouryTales. Through FlouryTales she is not only providing us fresh Atta but also doing what she loves.

But why FlouryTales and not any other Atta? Because you get,

- Fresh flours made to order from Premium quality cleaned grains.

- Daily cleaning of equipment’s.

- Quick service and Doorstep Deliveries.

- Natural cooling of flours and packaging in food grade bags.

FlouryTales manufacture flours in their own setup! So 100% assurance for:

1. Hygiene and cleanliness

2. Quality

3. Purity

4. Best Service

No compromise in quality and taste! Let’s empower these micro entrepreneurs. We are just a click away, ready to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneurs.

Bharatrath! Bharat ki Dukan

“FlouryTales has collaborated with Bharatrath so that we can increase our customer outreach. Bharatrath has developed very good platform for local entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their products.” Preeti Deshmukh, Founder - FlouryTales.