Bharatrath & SSF Work Along for a Change…

The migration of educated and intelligent community in Solapur district has reduced the chances of new industries being created here as well as job opportunities. This started affecting the development of Solapur district. The Solapur Social Foundation was established to curb this and for the overall development of Solapur district. The progress of a district is only when there is overall progress of every village in it. The foundation of Solapur Social Foundation was laid with the idea that "If all come together, the divinity of Solapur will change drastically". The aim of the organization is not to make profit but to develop Solapur district at all levels.

The 'Solapur Social Foundation' was born with the idea of ​​overcoming the deteriorating condition of Solapur district and making Solapur district prosperous. The first phase of Solapur Social Foundation started in Mumbai and the second in Pune. The Solapur Social Foundation was set up to bring together those who wanted to make Solapur district financially viable. The campaign is getting a huge response from all walks of life. Various ideas and suggestions are always welcomed by the Solapur Social Foundation. Features of Solapur district such as food and its marketing, information technology, construction of textile complexes will create employment and increase income and raise living standards.

Solapur district is a major district in the state of Maharashtra rich in spiritual, cultural, historical, geographical, industrial and agricultural diversity. The organization aims to spread the word about the various tourist destinations in Solapur district, the religious significance of Solapur district, the rich history of Solapur district and to create various employment opportunities in Solapur district through Solapur Social Foundation.

As Bharatrath is working on the same lines by providing local entrepreneurs a platform to trade, to create their own identity. Solapur Social Foundation & Bharatrath have come along to help these local artisans by empowering them and help them financially sound and independent. If you are looking out for Solapuri Products currently at Bharatrath you will find local solapuri snacks, masalas, special pomegranate products and solapuri chaddar.

As Bharatrath & SSF is trying to preserve these traditional dishes, traditional values and empower theses micro entrepreneurs you can do your bit by shopping their products. As their end goal is to provide customers with best products so why not? Let’s shop. You are just a click away! We are ready to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneurs.