Bhu Eco on a mission to replace plastic.

Bharatrath has been associated with Bhu Eco for a while. The mission, vision and the quality of the products made us on board this local micro entrepreneur for our customers. Let us take you all, through What Bhu Eco stands for? And the story behind Bhu Eco.

Bhu Eco was established in 2017 but it was ideated back in 2015 by Mr. Pratik, Founder. Pratik is an architect but always wanted to do something for the environment as well as for rural and slum dwellers. So while he was in the 3rd year of his degree he decided to take a break and do something about it. He came up with an idea of providing alternatives to plastic, as we all are aware of how harmful plastic waste is for our nature. He came up with Bamboo brushes as well as cloth bag to reduce the usage of plastic. But in the initial years he had to import bamboo products from china as there were no producers in India. At that point of time bamboo brush used to retail at Rs 150 to 200 but after being produced locally Bhu Eco managed to bring down the prices by 50% making it affordable for mid income group people as well. Seeing a potential market ahead companies started entering into the markets, back when Bhu Eco was started there were hardly 5 to 10 companies but now there are more than 200 companies under this space. Apart from bamboo brushes there a more products offered by Bhu Eco made of bamboo, coconut shell and cloth.

But there were problems as well which were faced by Bhu. Products being natural tend to have lesser shelf life as they are prone to get spoiled as no chemicals or preservative  are used to increase their shelf life. A similar problem is faced by Bhu in bamboo products as fungus is seen over a period of time. If we take an e.g. In bamboo brushes, consumers leave their bamboo brushes in water which leads to a formation of fungus and consumer gets dissatisfied with the product due to lack of awareness on product and its usage. So a proper awareness needs to be spread.

As you are now well versed with your local micro entrepreneur why not promote them and help them grow? And be a part of such a good cause by simply buying from them. You are just a click away! We are ready to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneur.

“Love the concept of Bharatrath as all products available our local helping us create a brand as well as promote micro entrepreneurs”. Pratik, Founder, Bhu Eco.