Calm Your HUNGER with LPesos Delicious Spreads!

LPesos Journey in food manufacturing started in 2014 with the Idea of eliminating the unhealthy food product choices and replacing them with finest food products in natural form. In the age of globalization and busy life schedule we were missing real taste and nutrition.

Keeping these facts in mind LPesos solely focused on bringing a curated range of Gourmet food products (Nut Butter, Spreads, Oils and Honey& super food) which are made with 100% pure and natural ingredients, and 0% preservatives or chemicals.

The Unprocessed approach aims to deliver the best in quality – Untouched, Pure, Nutrient-rich and toxin–free products for everyday consumption.

At LPESOS they manufacture their product with selected high quality raw materials, keeping good hygiene under the supervision of trained Experts; delivering products natural & nutrient rich.

Every product under LPesos stands for and represents high standards of quality!

* Products that should meet and satisfy consumer needs.

* Products made with the finest and best quality ingredients.

* Products that offer convenience and are easy to use.

* Products that guarantee perfect results.

* Products that simply taste fantastic.

Just like Bharatrath, LPesos as well care about the quality of each and every product. Lets satisfy our hunger with those delicious spreads. We at Bharatrath vouch for this brand. We are ready to serve you and empower thee micro entrepreneurs.

Bharatrath! Bharat ki Dukan.