Grab Your Pasta & Pasta Mixes from Bharatrath!

At Bharatrath you can grab your favourite pasta and pasta mixes from Acasa by Little Italy. The pastas and the mixes are as authentic as you want. Behind Acasa lies an experience of more than 30 years. They can be said as one of the OGs.

For the past 30 years, Little Italy have been serving you the finest Italian food made with the highest quality ingredients produced in the best of facilities. With 50 outlets in 4 countries, they are India’s largest home grown Italian brand. Thus far they have enjoyed serving you- spreading joy and love at various occasions at Little Italy restaurants. Now, with Acasa by Little Italy, they are ready to be a part of your daily life by supplying you with the freshest gourmet products made especially to help you enjoy cooking more and recreate your favourite dishes from their kitchens in yours.

Acasa means at home and that's their guiding light. Through Acasa, their goal is to have the freshest and highest quality products safely reaching home to you for you and your loved ones. Acasa enables you to have a behind the scenes look at their most loved dishes with a selection of recipes and meal kits sent to your home to cook the perfect meal. They do the painstaking prep, you get to finish the dish the way you like it and take a bow. At Acasa they hope you enjoy cooking with Acasa as much as they have enjoyed bringing the taste of Little Italy to you over the years.

Source: Acasa by Little Italy

We at Bharatrath vouch for this brand, you should definitely give it a try. It will surely going to be a treat to your taste buds. We are just a click away, ready to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneurs.

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