It’s Baked – Baking the Right Buns!

It’s Baked is what happens when two food enthusiasts get together to spread their love and passion for food! Its baked is a craft bakery, serving a wide range of freshly baked products, customized to your liking and baked to perfection with love.

Let’s get to know more about these foodies, the founders of its baked Chetan & Vikram. Chetan is an accidental restaurateur/entrepreneur, who from a full time IT job realised his way into the food industry. His absolute love and passion for food and acute sense of business, has led to its expression as It’s Baked. Having travelled around the world, he has a keen sense of taste that is modern and exclusive, striving to deliver the finest at all times.

Whereas if we talk about Vikram from formal setups & traditional spreads with aromatic curries to honking food trucks dancing around with lively fun foods & chirpy evenings, he have been on constant journey of exploring the ever changing industry & mysterious foods. Growing through avocations becoming vocation, love for the art & a curious relationship with food industry, he have always wished to have a more experimental place of work, a workshop where we could get to constantly experience, innovate & create. Being a full time restauranteur in the past has always made him believe in fine raw materials & fine hands undoubtedly make the finest of dishes.

Its Baked strive to deliver finest & innovative breads & bakes for all. With organic instincts of taking along a team & sheer connect to food was the driving force leading to this amazing venture where everyday is a magic of hot ovens leaving behind the aromas of well being that is here with us to stay.

Bless your taste buds with those perfectly baked buns. We at Bharatrath are just a click away read to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneurs.

Bharatrath! Bharat ki Dukan.