Let’s Binge Watch With “The Healthy Binge”!

We are in a world where packaged food is in abundance and quite accessible. It’s pretty easy for us to get swayed by the barrage of cool ads asking us to make an unhealthy food choice. We need to ask ourselves, is this right for me?

When talked about snacks fried chips is what comes in our mind but have you even for once thought about its health effects? Because if you had you would have stop consuming those snacks as they really have an adverse health effects primarily due the oil which is used for preparing these snacks. But are we left with any other options than to consume these snacks? And even if healthy alternative is available is it affordable for the general consumers? Bridging all these gaps we have a brand for you introducing the perfect blend of taste and health- The Healthy Binge baked snacks.

The Healthy Binge was incorporated in 2019 with a motto to replace unhealthy snacking with healthy one, an everyday snacks. Eating healthy nowadays is more of aspirational thing which shouldn’t be the case. Healthy Binge while pricing its products have made sure that their products are rightly priced and is accessible to all by without compromising on its quality. The Healthy Binge team consists of food scientists, nutritionists and quality assurance managers who ensures that they reward you with the best range of quality products. Each crispy is made with the finest indigenous ingredient sourced locally from farmers in the Konkan belt who do regenerative farming which is not only good for health but as well good for our environment.

This brand offers one of its kind products. Even if we keep aside the healthy part the brand still have a lot to offer, mainly its unique flavours which is surely going to be a treat to your taste buds. But just like any other brand Healthy Binge as well face challenges and the elephant in the room is customer awareness the Healthy Binge team is really trying hard to raise consumer awareness.

Let’s appreciate their efforts and be a part of this change. Let us all try to be advocates of the brand. Let’s empower these micro entrepreneurs. We at Bharatrath are just a click away, ready to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneurs.

Bharatrath! Bharat Ki Dukan.