Nutrients Rich Milk at Praana Nutrition!

Praana is Pure Desi Goodness brought to you in the form of milk, buttermilk and ghee, the way it used to be consumed. Praana milk and milk products are the abundance from desi gir cows who are native to our country. These hardy, happy cows are resilient and have been nourishing generations of Indians since centuries.

At Praana, they bring the goodness of pure, natural and wholesome dairy back in our lives using traditional wisdom and contemporary practices. Praana is conscious of the health and well-being of all those involved in the process of bringing you fresh, pure A2 milk. Right from their cows to their people, they are mindful of their responsibility to nourish and empower an ecosystem in an environment friendly and sustainable manner.

Team Praana is a vibrant and diverse collective of people that is passionate about all things traditionally nutritious. Their farmers and distribution partners work tirelessly to bring you your daily dose of milk. These farmers and distribution partners are the backbone of Praana while the cows are its life force.

Three women entrepreneurs from Pune, supported by their families, have incorporated Praana Nutrition Pvt Ltd with the clear objectives of...

- Encouraging Consumers to reenergize their lives with nutrition rich and natural foods.

- Helping farmers market their produce at a fair and appropriate price.

- Creating employment opportunities for local youth through various opportunities in the dairy process.

Know about your products

Desi cows like Gir and Sahiwal are native to India and are characterized by drooping ears and their hump. They are perfectly suited to the country’s climatic conditions and produce high quality A2 milk.

Praana A2 Milk is procured only from Desi Gir Cows who have been fed with fresh fodder, greens, jaggery and clean water. Live in natural and healthy conditions, free to graze. Not been given any hormones or medicines to increase milk yield. Been milked in the traditional way without the use of machines.

What is A2 Milk?

- Milk is largely composed of water, almost 85 %. The remainder is sugar (lactose), fats, minerals and protein. A2 Milk is differentiated by the presence of a class of proteins known as caseins, specifically A2 type of beta caseins and hence the generic name, A2 Milk.

- Our indigenous Desi cows and buffaloes produce A2 type milk and have been doing so since centuries, long before their domestication.

- Human breast milk contains only A2 type beta casein. So basically A2 Milk is as safe and healthy as mother’s milk.

Why A2 Milk?

- A2 Milk is a whole food. A glass of A2 Milk gives you proteins, energy and healthy fats.

- A2 Milk is light and easy to digest because of its unique composition.

- A2 Milk packs a nutritional punch of natural calcium and protein in a serving making it a good daily choice.

Why Praana A2 Milk?

- Praana A2 Milk is sourced from Desi cows without the use of harmful hormone or antibiotic treatment.

- Praana A2 Milk is fresh and free from preservatives.

- Praana A2 Milk is pasteurized to make it safe and ready to consume.

Artisans like Praana work relentlessly to deliver best quality products. Let’s empower these artisans as they are not only providing us with best quality products but as well persevering our traditional methods. We at Bharatrath are just a click away read to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneurs.

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