Papads Which Adds Crisp To Your Life!

We at Bharatrath are pleased to have Roshnee Papad. Just like any other artisan we would love to share their story as well but we will let the founders speak for themselves, we will let them speak about their journey and the whole ideation behind the brand Roshnee Papad.

“As we travelled the length and breadth of our country tasting its various cuisines, the one common thing we came across was the variety of papads that each cuisine had to offer. Urad, Rice, Bajra, Nachani (Ragi), each unique in its flavor and each specific to its region, we realized that no matter what the region, India had a rich tradition in terms of crispy and nutritious finger foods to supplement our often spartan diets.

However, our experience of eating papads in most urban settings, - restaurants, public celebrations, weddings feasts and get togethers - made us realize that we had lost our ingenuity in making papads. Mass production, short cuts in processing, lure of easy money, half - baked half fried, unhygienic and compromised methods of making them, adulteration for cutting costs etc. had taken its toll on our favorite snack and the papad was seen as just another crispy bite – losing out to hybrid maida based empty calorie fried junk. All of this strengthened our resolve that if we have to revive our traditional Indian Snack, it cannot be a half - hearted half - baked approach. In other words, we cannot play “Kaccha Papad – Pakka Papad with the palates of our customers.

Thus, was born Roshnee Papad Products LLP. – with a vision to revive and augment traditional Indian Snack Foods, and to go beyond by the judicious use of technology and Science – to re-introduce to Indians our most cherished practical and nutritious snacks. We in India have a variety of popular foods across regions and as simple to store, easy to prepare snacks, papads rule the roost. Papads to us are a great accompaniment to our meal, a “pick me up” when we have to settle down to a simple meal, a palate enhancer starter to appetize us for a rich meal to follow and a non – assuming, yet healthy in between snack which is packed with some unique nutritional attributes.

We started out with Urad and Moong Papads which have 15 % to 20 % Protein, we then ventured to make Rice and Poha papads which had goodness of whole grains and fiber, and then focused on Millet papads which is arguably the simplest, tastiest and most accessible way to ingest the goodness of these ancient Super foods. We are fortunate to be mentored by the Pioneer of the Indian Packaged Food Industry and with his guidance and the enthusiastic encouragement by his team, we were able to realize our dream. When you bite into a Roshnee Papad, you are tasting the fruition of a dream. We would like to think of all of you as our fellow travelers on our journey towards re-discovering traditional Indian foods.”

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