Shwet Naturals at Bharatrath! To fulfill all your Ayurvedic products need.

Bharatrath is proud to have Shwet Naturals as an Ayurvedic products provider. Shwet Naturals have a wide range of Ayurvedic products from skin care to edible they have it all. But a story lies behind everything, what’s the story behind Shwet? Let’s find that out.

Shwet Naturals, was created as an initiative to start something good, something that would help restore nature and also, help people grow better and healthy. It is an organization, owned by Mother-daughter duo, Mrs. Gayatridevi, and Yogishwini Solanki. Both inclined towards mindful living. They as partners always believed that nature has all the answers. Also, the impact was major because of Mrs. Gayatridevi husband, he being a Doctor and a firm Ayurveda practitioner. He made sure to make people available with all the Ayurveda, natural and organic products that he would suggest.

From the very small thing like oil to creams that were applied had no place in their house. They only consumed wooden churned cold-pressed oils, most of the vegetables were grown at their home, applied only natural ingredients to face and body. Thus, helped them cope with the severe bad elements in the market with a lot of fake promises. But, their daughter started growing she was introduced to the world of chemicals. Every friend of hers would tell her to apply some or the other thing or push her to eat unhealthily. This eventually started taking a toll on her, and she later applied a few cosmetics to her face and also enjoyed eating foods from outside. In the first place she never liked it, but she had to look cool in front of her friends. Despite her father telling her not to eat junk or apply random things to her face she continued doing so.

But one fine day, when her condition was deteriorated, and she was facing the challenge of pimples on her face and loss of hair. She thought of taking the help of Ayurveda and natural products. That was the point from where Shwet Naturals began. Now they are on a mission to introduce people to healthy way of living and going back to our ancient wisdom.

Shwet having great products wanted to reach out to a larger customer base and create its own brand. At that point Shwet associated with Bharatrath to sell their products, without any competition with big brands helping them create their own identity.

It takes a lot start something and that to when you stand apart from the crowd. Shwet Naturals our brand is standing apart by providing chemical free products to the customers why not empower these micro entrepreneur by shopping from them? As their end goal is to provide customers with best products so why not? Let’s shop. You are just a click away! We are ready to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneurs.