Inspiring story behind those Papads…

These 16 women from Tondusure village of Samartha Bachat Ghat are living by it. Formed in 2014, Samartha Bachat Ghat was the hope for these sixteen women to change their lives. The initial journey was not easy.

Inspiring story behind those Papads…

Bharatrath and Swades foundation has been working along to empower and help the local artisans, micro entrepreneurs, self-help groups etc. by guiding them and giving them a platform to trade and reach out to a larger audience. Amongst them there is Samartha Bachat Gat and Jan Seva Bachat Gat. Let’s find out who they are? What products are offered? How this group was formed and many more things about them.

Samartha Bachat Gat

Tondusure, Raigad

"Grit is having the courage to push through, no matter what the obstacles are because it is worth it."

These 16 women from Tondusure village of Samartha Bachat Ghat are living by it. Formed in 2014, Samartha Bachat Ghat was the hope for these sixteen women to change their lives. The initial journey was not easy. They used to save Rs 50/- every month and build their savings to invest in their business. After two years, they expanded their business a little and started making papads. Selling it in nearby villages, they received positive feedback from their community members. It gave the women the motivation to do more. Soon they began to expand the range of the products they were making. However, like every business, Samartha Bachat Gat also faced many challenges and had to pause their work for few months. Managing work and family together took a toll on few women. They were on the verge of completely giving up their dream. But, the other women supported them and gave them confidence.

During the lockdown, the business was on hold for few months. But as soon the unlock happened, the women came back and resumed their business, investing all their savings. These fearless women didn't halt their dreams and motivation to share their culture and heritage.

They love their usual routine Post completing their domestic chores, every day they gather at their production unit and spend the rest of the day adding more than just flavours to their products.

Swades has supported these SHGs in institution building, getting licenses, market linkages. With the support of Swades Foundation, they are now linked to Bharatrath. This is the first time their products will reach to Pune market. Associating with Bharatrath, they are happy that their products will reach homes that value authentic Konkan flavours.

Jan Seva Bachat Gat

Bira, Patnus, Raigad

In 2014 ten aspiring rural women dreamt of being equal partners in the prosperity of their homes. Residents of Bira village, Raigad had spent most of their lives confined to their homes. However, their home management skills convinced them that they were efficient managers. Limited livelihood opportunities in their geography inspired them to do something of their own. And since it was a shared dream, nothing could have been better than doing it together. This led to Jan Seva Bachat Gat.

Initially, making masala papads, they received positive responses from their customers. Soon they expanded their range of food products, and also used their skills of sewing and designing, in making bags and clothes. But, their journey was not this smooth. The women had to face some losses and even had to pause their business for some time. A few years ago 3 women had to migrate to Mumbai. This left the SHG members with reduced capacity, and their orders were not getting complete. The SHG members decided to add more women from their village.  One of the most challenging times for these women was when lockdown and Nisarga cyclone happened. Most women had to invest their time and money in repairing their houses which were destroyed due to the cyclone. But, the dream of being independent and proving that earning bread for the family can be a shared role, these women didn't give up. They knew they have skilled women in their group and soon took the challenge of lockdown as an opportunity. These SHG women along with other SHG women of their village started stitching face masks and selling them locally in their block, especially to school children and MIDC.

Their grit made their dream of having a stable business come true. Now they have consistent orders for their products and happy to share them with customers of Bharatrath too. This opportunity will give them more exposure to the market in cities.

Let’s empower them by buying their products lets shop! You are just a click away! We are ready to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneur.