SweeDesi: An Entrepreneur Working For Your Sweet Cravings.

India is known for its sweets and spices and every region has its own unique delicacy which has originated from that place itself. But do we have access to all? Spices we do have but what about sweets? Jaipur ka ghewar, Agra ka petha and many more can we have those even without traveling? Yeah I know you will say your relatives will get it but what if they aren’t travelling? Don’t worry we’ve got you.

SweeDesi brings all such delicacies from its origin at your doorstep in less than 24 hours. Yes it’s real. Let us take you through the brand Sweedesi. Behind Sweedesi there are a bunch of regular guys who loves sweets and snacks and would love to go that extra mile to get the real taste. They all have pursued their education in different fields and have settled to places away from home. Though new places gave new friends, new opportunities to explore but just like us they as well were missing their hometown delicacies and many times craved a lot for that “Local Halwai’s” famous authentic sweets form their hometowns. Waiting for relatives or travelling to have them they knew would happen on very rare occasions. So one fine day they sat and thought on how to get these fresh sweets from their native places as fast as possible and that’s how “Sweedesi” was born.

Sweedesi sources authentic desi ghee sweets and other regional savours from your hometown “Halwai”. Sweets are awesome when they are fresh, pure and made with love and that’s why they deliver it to you in 24 hrs after packaging. Yes! In flat 24 hrs to your doorstep. Their ultimate goal is make your taste buds aware of the different savoury which you might not have heard. So get ready all of you to try something new and awesome.

We at Bharatrath vouch for this brand, you should definitely give it a try. Their sweets will surely going to be a treat to your taste buds. We are just a click away, ready to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneurs.

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