Turil! You’re Cleansing Brand.

Bharatrath have been associated with Turil for a while and our customers have just loved this brand and their products. As the products not only provides great performance but it is also child and pet friendly. Let’s get to know more about this brand.

You can picture Turil as the superheroes saving this world from toxins and dirt. Turil cleans not just your houses but also the earth. With an aim to sustain the good in today for an even better tomorrow, Turil brings the best natural remedy for sparkling clean homes. Turil listened to the warning of a rapidly deteriorating environment and took guidance from its elements to create this eco-friendly cleaning solution.

Their inspiration drove them to their pursuit of a better tomorrow and they created Oviron in 2019. The deep-rooted love for environment in Oviron was a result of the dedication of Dr. Moghe, main brain & guiding force, who has led to the creation of Turil and a series of eco-friendly brands.

Turil is the answer to your need for a refreshingly clean home. Its natural composition prevents skin irritation and exposure to harmful chemicals. You'll even avoid major health setbacks in the long run.

But that's just one side of it. The herb-based Turil provides you with the best guilt-free solution to clean your homes, while saving rivers and our aquatic-neighbours from the exposure to toxic chemicals that are released from our house hold cleaning routines. Made from natural -ingredients, extracts and refreshing fragrances, Turil is 100% harmless for your home, family and the planet.

Breathe a sigh of relief, as Turil doesn't emit harmful fumes. You'll feel less worried about having hassled pets or respiratory allergies. All that you'll inhale is its pleasant natural aroma. Unlike chemical-based cleaners that cause surface corrosion, Turil is gentle and preserves the finish of your sanitary ware.

As you are now well versed with the brand let’s shop, let’s get to be a part of something good. Good for ourselves and the environment. We are ready to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneurs.