Universal Tribes - Working for the Empowerment & Upliftment of Tribal Communities of India.

Bharatrath is delighted to work with Universal Tribes. Universal tribes was established in the year 2017 by the CEO of the company Mr. Rajat Raghtwan for the betterment of tribal communities of India. And as the brand name reflects the meaning as "they are here to work for all the tribes", and now we better dive into their journey & this specially designed program for Tribals of India.

As we know, tribal communities are the aboriginals of this country & as time did pass, other dynasties & clans came to this land. Some of them grew as time travelled & upgraded themselves with the respective time frame. But the same thing did not happen with Tribal Communities & do you want to know why?

Tribals have always been kept away from & by mainstream society & then tribes had to move ahead with the same pattern of their lives. And this what kept bothering the founder of this company Mr. Rajat Raghtwan, that made him more aware of the fact that even being part of this society, we as a society are not working for the betterment of tribals & since then he did not look back & for sure he didn't see any " but why to work for them?" and instead he focused on "why not to work for them?". There began the journey of Universal Tribes & he took this pledge of empowerment & upliftment of Tribals with their vast variety of organic products & original artwork.

But that is not it, Universal Tribes wanted to generate more employment for these tribes while preserving their traditional artwork. And yes they did, along with bringing the best quality organic staples. Further, they went on educating them about online marketing & making them realize the power of the digital world.

We are sure that you'll find the uniqueness & originality of each product at Universal Tribes. These tribal farmers live in dense forest areas where there is no adulteration in even water & soil, it's as raw & pure as it used to be in the time of agricultural evolution. And the tribal artists are the ones who have learned the art from their parents & received it in heritage as a brilliant skill.

Indeed, every business has to face obstacles & so do us. We do come across many difficulties every now & then but that doesn't stop us from working for Tribals of India. Tribes we work with, their passion for their work & also their kindness, all of these teaches us to tackle down every obstacle that comes our way- says Mr. Rajat Raghtwan founder of the company.

In order to uplift and empower these tribal people we will need your help. All you got to do is shop from us. Why not buy traditional and better quality products rather than industrialised products? We are just a click way. Happy to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneurs.