Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma — Women bringing you the best quality attas

Annapoorna flours has been associated with Bharatrath for a while. Annapoorna Flours has been one of the best selling products at Bharatrath, but do you know the story behind this brand? Let’s find that out.

Mrs. Sangeeta is the founder of Annapoorna flours. Mrs. Sangeeta in 2014 shifted to pune along with her family, as she was used to having fresh chakki atta straight out of the mill but there were no flour mill in 3km radius from where she was residing she had to travel to get it done. At the point an idea struck her mind that was delivering fresh chakki atta to people as people nowadays don’t have time and she always wanted to have her own business she started with Annapoorna flours in 2015. In the initial days it was just her society members buying from her but slowly through word of mouth she started receiving order from neighbourhood societies as well. But after a while the growth kind off paused but Sangeeta had a dream of capturing the pune market but making those dreams come true solely wasn’t possible at that point of time Bharatrath came in and provided her a platform to sell her products. When she started she had under 50 customers and currently she is serving more than 5000 customers. Not just customer base but new products are also seen now from 2 types of atta to 15 types Annapoorna flour has seen an immense business growth.

But the struggle and problems behind the success is always overlooked. Sangeeta in her initial days had to deliver her products to her customer who were 10km away from where she reside to gain trust and customer loyalty. Whereas complaints of bugs in flour (atta) is still seen by her due to lack of product use knowledge amongst customer. As fresh atta is delivered to customers which is packed as soon as the flour comes straight out of the mill as no chemical preservatives are added and package being packed for a long period causes bugs in the flour. So guiding the customer on product use is needed.

Now you know the person behind Sharmaji ka Atta, the story and the struggles to build this brand. Why not empower these micro entrepreneur by shopping from them? As their end goal is to provide customers with best products so why not? Let’s shop. You are just a click away! We are ready to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneur.

“Bharatrath has helped us a lot. It has helped us reach places we couldn’t have reached, Bharatrath has helped us cater the pune market. Bharatrath apart from providing us reach have also helped us other problems as well like logistics etc.” Sangeeta, Founder, Annapoorna Flours.